Thoughts on Authenticity and the New Testament Church


I’ve been reading over Acts 2:42-47 lately and I am struck by how radically different the Early Church was from my own experience of Church. For one thing, we in the South (me included) talk about “going to church,” while the early believers talked about “being the church” and being the hands and feet of Jesus. Church for them was not a place or an event, but a shared way of life.

Where is the sense of awe? Where are the signs and wonders? By that I don’t mean crazy gibberish, but the genuine miraculous moving of God among His people. I think part of the answer is that the early believers spent so much time together. They fellowshipped and broke bread together DAILY. We do good if we see each other twice a week. They shared everything. They were willing to sacrifice of themselves to help fellow believers. They were of one mind, one purpose and had one goal– to lift up Jesus in such a way that He would draw all people to Himself.

They faced a level of persecution that we know nothing about. There was no room for casual Christianity, because to proclaim “Jesus is Lord” was to risk torture and death. I have never faced that in my life.

How do we change course? I know for me, that if I am comfortable and satisfied with the way things are, the staus quo, I will never change. Only with a holy discontent can I seek the face of God to bring the change in my life. When we are willing to take off our masks and be real, to stop talking Christianese and Sunday School answers and be brutally honest about ourselves, then we see change. Only God can initiated that in His people, but we have to want it.

Who’s with me? Who’s tired of just going to church? I see the main problem with the American Church everytime I look in the mirror.  I am the main problem. If I want to see change, I have to be the change. I must desperately want God to change me, to transform me, to live through me in the Person of His Son, Jesus, and through His Holy Spirit.

It’s time to break up our shallow ground and seek the Lord. Who’s with me?

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Authenticity and the New Testament Church

  1. Great post…I often wonder why we don’t see the kinds of “signs and wonders” more often today that the early church experienced. Is it lack of faith? Or does God feel that He’s given enough signs and now that we have them written down, the stories should be enough? I’ve heard the stories of modern “faith healings,” but I haven’t ever experienced it or seen it firsthand. I believe God can and does heal people every day, but rarely do you hear of it happening instantaneously or “on-demand” in front of a crowd of witnesses. Maybe that has to do with the early believers spending so much time together…who knows?

  2. Yes, God’s laws and requirements are set out in the Bible and it’s up to us to read, study and apply it in our lives. We can’t have just head knowledge, it would be sad to lose out on everlasting life by 18 inches…. the length form our head to our heart. We have to meditate on the things we learn in the BIble and allow it to reach our heart and then and only then will we be moved to act on it.

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