Springing Forward Again

I don’t know how, but every year that daylight savings always manages to sneak up on me. Especially the part where we spring forward and I lose that precious hour of sleep. To be fair, even when we fall back, I still stay up later than usual and still manage to lose an hour of sleep. It’s my spiritual gift.

But there’s talk of making daylight savings permanent. That means no more springing forward and falling back. No more fears of being either an hour early or an hour late to everything. No more adjusting to new patterns.

I for one am all for it.

I get that daylight savings served a purpose back in the day for farmers who needed the extra daylight for work. But now we have tractors with headlights and stuff like that. Basically, daylight savings doesn’t really serve a useful purpose any longer except to annoy those of us who have to manually change our clocks twice a year.

It’s not a hill I’m really willing to die on. I’m not disparaging those of you who still hold to your cherished daylight savings ways. I’m not the biggest fan, but if changing those clocks every March and November is the worst thing that happens to me, I’m doing alright.

Still, I would like that extra hour of sleep back.

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