The Chosen in Theaters

I had the opportunity to see episodes 7 and 8 of The Chosen season 3 tonight. More accurately, I was proactive and took advantage of the opportunity to see this amazing series on the big screen. I was not in the least disappointed.

I think this show captures the essence of the gospels better than any other film or TV series about the life of Jesus that I have ever seen. I love how it fleshes out not only the main character of Jesus but also the disciples and other followers. It makes the first century world come to life with a detail and authenticity previously unmatched on screen.

Does it take the place of the actual gospel accounts? By no means. It does supplement the Scriptural accounts and helps me to better visualize when I’m reading through Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John. It reinforces what I’m learning from the Biblical eyewitness accounts.

It tackles head on what it looks like when you have unmet expectations and disappointments in matters of faith. It deals with what it feels like when it seems God heals everyone else but you or your loved ones. It looks unflinchingly into matters such as miscarriages and grief through the lens of the gospel accounts in a way that is far from trite or cliched.

I can’t recommend The Chosen highly enough. If you’re caught up, go see it in theaters. If not, start with season 1, episode 1 and watch the 24 episodes on The Chosen app that’s available for all smart phones and devices. I believe these last 2 episodes will be available to stream starting Tuesday.

Above all, dive deep into the gospels. Let the words marinate into your skin, your soul, your very being. Don’t just read the words. Do what they say. Don’t be just a hearer but a doer of the Word, as it says later in the Bible. The best gospel to start with is Mark, the shortest, but you can start with Matthew or any of the rest. Just start somewhere.

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