Eden in the Everyday

It’s easy to spot God in the spectacular moments that feel like the pages of Scripture coming to life in real time, but it’s harder to keep your focus in the middle of dishes and diapers and the daily grind.

It’s not the crises that derail us as much as the monotony of the mundane and the clamor of a multitude of things that vie for our attention and affection.

But if you want to see God in your everyday, look in the small details. Learn to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Make your worship as much about doing dishes and taking out the trash as singing praise choruses.

While in once sense Eden was lost when Adam and Eve fell, in another Eden is wherever and whenever we meet God and hear Him speaking life to us. Eden is where God never stops looking for us as much as we sometimes want to hide from Him.

Lord, help me to practice the art of remaining in Your presence no matter where I am. Help me to remember that you are never far from those who seek You in faith.

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