Don’t Forget Your Blessings

I remember seeing a picture of someone from an impoverished part of the world who had plastic soft drink bottles tied to their feet for shoes. That image blew my mind and broke my heart at the same time. There I was probably wishing I had newer more comfortable shoes and so many around the world would give anything to have my old worn-out shoes. Or any shoes for that matter.

I also remember reading a post that also wrecked my world in the best possible way. It said that someone out there would give absolutely anything to have one of your bad days. I keep forgetting that if I had a meal today, if I had access to clean water, if I had more than one change of clothing, if I had a roof over my head, then I am considered rich by global standards.

The culture we live in thrives on forcing people into comparison and envy. The idea is that your neighbor put in a pool, so now you need to put in a bigger pool. Your friend bought a truck, so now you need a truck with a bigger engine. You need to keep up with those enigmatic Joneses if you want to be successful.

But if you woke up today, you’re blessed. If you took a deep breath unassisted by machines, you’re blessed. If you could dress and feed yourself, you’re blessed. If you have a place to live, a job, a car that works semi-regularly, and people who love you, you’re rich in blessings.

Don’t let comparison be the thief of your joy. Don’t let envy blind you to your blessings. The key to seeing more of God in your world is thanksgiving. The way to experience more of your blessings is gratitude for the ones you already have.

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