Those Hidden Tracks

I’m about to seriously date myself, but I was listening to a CD in my 1997 Jeep Cherokee today. Not streaming. Not playing an MP3. It was an actual, honest to goodness compact disc with music on it.

This one had a hidden track on it. That’s where after the last song listed on the album plays, then you get a few minutes of silence. Then you get another song. Only in this case it was just silence.

Life is like that CD with a hidden track. Sometimes you have to wait for the good things. You may not know what’s coming, but you wait. You can skip ahead, but you might miss out.

Typically, a hidden track will have about 4-5 minutes of silence. That can seem like an eternity if it’s your first time, but patience has its rewards. Your reward for waiting is an extra song.

In life, sometimes you have to wait for God’s promises. You don’t often know what those will be or when those will be, but many times you have the option of waiting or moving on and missing out. I’ve found it’s always better to wait than to regret.

You’ll never be sorry you waited.

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