Wise Words from Wayne

I found this as I was scrolling through Facebook. It speaks to the reality and the urgency of prayer in the life of a believer:


Is a mysterious thing to me.

Like millions of others, I was watching Monday night football when the 24 year-old player made a tackle, stood upright and then fell to the ground in a most horrible way.

People began to pray.

Players circled up and prayed.

After he was taken to the hospital and after his heartbeat had been restored twice on the field, the outpouring of prayers was immense.

A famous NBA star messaged, ‘sending super prayers’

I don’t know what that means.

How many prayers does it take to convince God to do exactly what we want?

God: ‘So, they’re at one million now. When they get to two million, I’ll get it done.’

Is there a magic number?

Are there magic, secret words?

God: ‘Ok, they’ve inserted the magic word. Get it done.’

Of course we are praying that this young man will survive and thrive. Of course.

‘Teach us to Pray’ they asked.

And Jesus said, ‘Our Father…’

Teach US to pray.

There was a great scene in the television series Mash where a soldier believed he was Jesus Christ. In a conversation with a psychiatrist, he was asked, ‘Is it true that God answers all prayers?’ The soldier replied, ‘Yes, and sometimes the answer is no.’

Sometimes yes, sometimes no, sometimes wait.

Teach us to pray” (Wayne Watson).

Prayer isn’t about getting answers or results from God but getting to know God and God’s heart for the world. It’s where our will becomes aligned with His. Then we can pray God’s will be done as the very desire of our hearts.

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