Confused, Full of Cheese, Unsure of the Day

Well, we’ve reached that time of the year when we’re confused, full of cheese, and unsure of the day. I know yesterday was Christmas. I know today is Boxing Day. All I know about tomorrow is that it’s most likely a Tuesday. It’s also possibly the 3rd day of Christmas, featuring three turtle doves.

I could go for some good cheese lately. Maybe some queso and chips at a good Mexican restaurant. I actually ordered queso at a Mexican restaurant lately, but the waiter apparently never heard me and I decided at some point that I didn’t really need any since I already had fish tacos.

Something about this time of year that makes me want to eat all the food. Especially if the food has chocolate and/or peanut butter involved. I should probably specify. I don’t really want to eat all the celery or all the kale. I do want to eat all the foods that are bad for me but taste good to me. Especially of the chocolate and peanut butter variety.

2023 is what I start living right and eating right and being sad. Until then, I have 5 more days to be festive, confused, and full of cheese. Merry Day after the Day after Christmas!

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