We All Have A Story

I’ll never forget what my pastor has said on a few occasions. He said that some people will come to him in confidentiality and make him promise not to tell anybody else what they’re about to tell him. At some point, some of these people will share their testimonies — and the very first line of their story will be that one thing they promised him not to tell anybody. Their shameful secrets will become an integral part of their story.

The truth is that we all have a story. Even those who didn’t almost die from a drug overdose or alcohol poisoning. Even those who got saved at a young age and didn’t sow all those wild oats. You, too, have a story to share.

Some testimonies begin after salvation. Some people’s faith journeys have as many perils after salvation as before. Some have more. But when you share your story, whether in a large group setting or in a one-on-one conversation, healing takes place. Sometimes you’re the one who is healed. Sometimes someone else hears you sharing their own story in your words and they find healing.

But every single one of us has a unique and special story to tell because God made us all unique and special. In the context of God’s greater story, your story finds meaning and purpose, and it becomes a story worth sharing.

So tell your story. Write your story. Sing your story. Just get it out there, because that’s when the miracles happen.

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