Stop the Insanity!

Do any of you remember the commercial with the lady with the really short blond hair? I think her name was something like Susan Powter. I remember her catch phrase was “Stop the insanity!”

That’s what I feel like these days.

I feel like more and more December turns into a whirlwind month where sometimes the best you can do is hang on and hold tight. There are so many functions, so many presents to buy, so many Christmas movies to watch (at least for me). It feels like by the time I fully process that it’s Christmas, it’s January. Then I have to process that it’s 2023.

But what if we paused the insanity for a bit and let Advent sink in. God didn’t rush into history, but took His time getting to Bethlehem by way of a frazzled carpenter and his even more frazzled wife. There wasn’t an over the top celebration to announce His arrival — just some shepherds tending to their sheep.

Maybe just stop for a minute and let the reality of Emmanuel set in. God. Is. With. Us. More than any gifts or wrapping paper or parties or decorations or holiday traffic or December madness, God has become flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood in the form of Jesus.

You don’t have to fully process that by December 25. You get every day from now on until you go to meet Jesus or He comes back to meet us all. You have the rest of your life to let God with us sink into your heart and mind and life.

Just be like Linus from A Charlie Brown Christmas and maybe go read the birth story in Luke 2, because that’s what Christmas is really all about, Charlie Brown.

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