Kairos Christmas Night of Worship

It’s hard to believe that for as long as Kairos has been around, they’ve never had a Christmas Night of Worship . . . until tonight.

There’s just something special about a night of worship. Adding Christmas into the mix makes it infinitely better.

It’s amazing how you can come into a place of worship full of worries and leave in peace because the songs you’re singing remind you of who’s really in charge. The Object of your worship is fully able to take care of the worshipper.

We sing so much about how good and great God is. Sometimes when we sing the same words enough, they become rote and lose meaning, but a tragedy or stressful week can revive their power to speak into your soul. You can be reminded that it is well and that you will be well because one day that trump shall resound and the Lord will really descend. You can be reminded that because of one silent night, you can have peace. You can be reminded that because Jesus was able to break the seal and open the scroll, He is worthy and able.

Sometimes singing is just you preaching the gospel to yourself set to music. It doesn’t matter if you can sing worth a lick or not, because the Bible tells us to make a joyful noise — not necessarily a joyful symphony. All that matters is that the words of the songs are prayers and declarations to the God who is exceedingly abundantly able to do above and beyond that you ask or think.

We sing because we forget and the words remind us of who God really is and what He can really do. And everybody needs a reminder from time to time.

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