Late to Our Longing

“What is soon to God seems late to our longing” (St. Augustine).

Wow. So much said in so few words. The best have a way of expressing themselves without an overabundance of words. I think these 10 words reveal the state of most of our hearts these days.

In The Lord of the Rings, one of the main characters, Gandalf, says that a wizard is never late. He always arrives precisely when he means to. And hopefully without sounding sacrilegious, we can say the same of God. He’s never late. He arrives at always exactly the right time.

But to our deep longing, God seems late. To our anxious hearts, He hasn’t shown up soon enough. In my own experience, my own longing has sometimes blinded me to seeing God at work, especially in my present life. I miss what He’s doing right now for looking down the road to a future where I hope He will act a certain way for me.

I have such a myopic view of how I think God will act that when He does move outside my field of vision, I don’t see it. I ascribe these actions to anything and everything but God. Yet often, God acts contrary to my desires not because they are too big, but because what I want is too small and God is giving me something greater.

When I let go of my fear and hold on to faith, then I see God. I see God’s bigger plan for me. I see God’s better gifts for me. I see God’s timing was never late but exactly right on time.

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