The God of the Turnaround

I’ve been guilty of thinking that where I am is where I will always be. I’ve been guilty of forgetting my past and my future and living in a state of perpetual now where all I can see is right in front of me.

If you forget the past and the future, you lose the big picture. You lose the Meta-narrative of what God is doing. You forget that you are not the point of the story — God is. You are not the main character — Jesus is. You also forget that God has a way of turning peoples’ lives around, usually when they least expected it.

Your job is to be obedient to what you already know. You need to do what God has already spoken and what you already know He requires of you. You need to be actively listening to God’s voice, seeking where He is already working, and preparing yourself to be ready when He calls.

But also you need to trust that in God’s grand scheme, where you are right now is not the end of your story. There’s more to come, and it will be more than worth the wait.

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