Emphasizing the Wrong Thing

In case you can’t read the tiny print, the sign says, “Caution: this sign has sharp edges. Do not touch the edges of this sign. Also, the bridge is out ahead.”

As you can tell, they emphasized the wrong thing. The most important takeaway isn’t that the sign has sharp edges. I mean who is really going to grab the sign anyway? The main point is that the bridge is out ahead, so don’t go that way or it will end badly for you.

It’s funny, but it’s also funny how we do the same thing in our own lives. We make a big deal out of stuff that doesn’t really matter as much, and we neglect what is vitally important. But how can we tell what ultimately matters?

I heard a quote once that said that anything that isn’t eternal is eternally obsolete. That includes all those things the people on TV tell you that you have to have to be someone and to be successful. The say that whoever dies with the most toys, wins.

But I believe that whoever dies with the most toys is still dead. You can’t take any of your toys with you wherever you go, no matter which of the two places is your final destination.

What you can take with you is not things but people. You can take with you the people who know Jesus because of you. You can take with you those who saw Jesus in you and wanted to know more of Him.

That is the most important part of life.

One thought on “Emphasizing the Wrong Thing

  1. The photo of the sign really gets the point across. I would have not known the road was out unless you had said it was there. Letting Jesus shine from you and sharing his redemption, love, life, light, salvation, and deliverance from sin, is the reason to live!

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