Providence and Grace

“I was thinking about how Elisabeth was a only 28 years old when her faith was put to severe test. She not only lost her husband, but four dear friends as well.

Obedience to God’s call on her life was never questioned. He had sent her to the Quichuas with the gospel and there she continued until He directed her back to the States. She said of that time in her life, ‘We just felt that God was in the whole thing, and there wasn’t anything that had happened that was not in the Providence of God'” (Diane Wilson).

The common saying is that God will never give you more than you can handle. But is it really biblical?

Just ask Elisabeth Elliott. I think having her husband and four other men martyred would qualify as more than she could handle. But it was not more than God could handle. I think God definitely gives us more than we can handle. Otherwise, we would always rely on our own wisdom and strength. But God puts us in places where we have to trust in His wisdom and power, otherwise we will fail.

Elisabeth Elliott knew this truth firsthand. She saw God’s strength perfected in her weakness. She saw a providence that carried her beyond what where her own endurance could have taken her. She saw grace that worked miraculous good out of unimaginable evil. She saw basically the entire tribe of Quichuas come to Christ — even the very men who killed her husband and the others.

She lived many years after and was able to commit the wisdom she had gained into words that millions have read and found encouragement from. Her words and her life still resonate even after she passed away a few years ago. Her legacy lives on.

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