For Those Who Walked With Us

“For those
who walked with us,
this is a prayer.
For those
who have gone ahead,
this is a blessing.
For those
who touched and tended us,
who lingered with us
while they lived,
this is a thanksgiving.
For those
who journey still with us
in the shadows of awareness,
in the crevices of memory,
in the landscape of our dreams,
this is a benediction” (Jan Richardson)

I guess if I had to add anything it would be this — give thanks for the people in your life who make your life better. Be grateful for those who have shown you Jesus and believed for you when you couldn’t believe for yourself and have been strong for you to carry your burdens when you were weak.

For those who journey with you still, let them know how much they mean to you. Never assume they know you love them. Never assume they know how grateful you are for them. Tell them while you still can. At some point, you will be left with unspoken words of thanks without the person to speak them to.

For those who journey with you no longer, give thanks. As much as they blessed you, pay it forward by blessing someone else. As much as they encouraged and mentored you, encourage and mentor someone else. As present as they were in your life in times of plenty and of want, be present in the lives of others to be the tangible hands and feet of Jesus.

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