Is It Really Fall Yet?

It seems lately that every time I get used to the nice fall-ish weather, it gets warm again. Then I get used to it being warmer and bam! It’s colder again. Welcome to fall in Tennessee.

Normally, I’m used to all the changes, but today was a bit much. I saw all kinds of people who were dressed up for the season and not for the weather, and here I am over here sweating like a pig that’s about to become bacon. I’m not judging all of you wearing flannel in 75 degree weather. Well, maybe a little. I am saying that I’m not as tolerant of heat as I used to be. Or warm weather when it’s supposed to be chilly.

I can be thankful that it was 75 and not 95. I can be thankful that the A/C in my car is working great. But can it finally be fall once and for all?

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