Making an Impression Vs. Making a Difference

I heard once that many of us are more interested in looking good and feeling good than in doing good and being good. We’re all about making an impression and cultivating an image through social media and other outlets, so that others will see us the way we want them to.

We’ve perhaps forgotten that people will quickly forget the impressions they had of us but not the difference we’ve made. And that is the difference.

To make an impression is me-focused, getting people to look only at us. Making a difference pushes the focus away from me to the transformation and the change. If we truly make a difference in the eternal sense, the focus will be on the God who does the transforming and changing.

The impression you make dies with you, but the difference you make will outlive you. It will be the ripple in the pond that continues outward long after the stone you’ve thrown has sunk to the bottom.

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