Idol Cure

I sometimes wonder if we think we’re above idolatry because we don’t literally bow down to little statues made of stone or bronze or gold. We don’t genuflect to an image carved into a block of wood or embroidered onto fabric.

But an idol is anything we value above God, anything that we give more time and attention to than we give to God. Idols can be just about anything from careers to children, from money to marriage, from status to sex. It can be the need for approval and affirmation. It’s often taking something that started out as good and expecting it to be a god, functioning in the true God’s place.

In the first scenario, we’re golden. In the second, we’re all idolaters to some degree. The only cure is to look to Jesus.

It’s like the old story about the treasury department. You would think that to be able to detect counterfeit currency that you would study all sorts of different fake bills. But that’s not the case. You study the real thing and become so familiar with it that you memorize every detail. That way you can easily spot a fake that doesn’t match up.

If we get to know the heart of God and know His character well enough, we can better know that those counterfeit gods are phonies. We know they’re nowhere close to the real thing. The cure of idolatry isn’t so much about abstaining from little gods as it is adoration of the real God. It’s making so much of the big G God that there’s no room for little g gods.

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