Welcome, October

How did I miss that yesterday, September 30, was October Eve? Had I known, I would have made a big deal. All of you reading this can be my witnesses that starting in 2023 I will make gratuitous use of the phrase October Eve on every following September 30.

But here it is October. While I am a big fan of all the months ending in ‘ber, my heart truly lies with October, November, and December. Those are my big three favorite months. All my most beloved holidays fall within these months. See what I did there? They “fall” within these months. I pun even when I don’t mean to.

But I digress.

I hope October brings the chilly temperatures with the crisp autumn breezes. I hope there will be a riot of colored leaves in the trees this year. I’m looking forward to all the bonfires and hayrides and s’mores and flannel and everything else fall-esque.

And yes, my favorite color is October.

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