The Latest Peanut Update

Garrison Keillor once joked that cats are proof that not everything God created has a purpose. I tend to think they do.

Cats basically exist to look cute and to sleep a lot. And by a lot, I mean A LOT. Like for cats, consciousness is that annoying time between naps. Being awake for a cat is a chore, which is why they try not to be awake if they can help it.

Peanut is no exception. She follows the typical feline beauty regimen of at least 23 hours of sleep a day. I admit that I get a bit jealous when she can fall asleep at any given moment in any given position. While I can be known to toss and turn, she can literally curl up and be snoozing inside of 10 seconds without fail.

But she does like to be around me a lot. And she does sleep in my lap. Plus, she looks awfully cute when she’s sleeping. So I think I’ll give her a pass.

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