A Merciful Heart

More and more these days, I love mercy.

As I have heard it defined, grace is getting what we don’t deserve, while mercy is not getting what we deserve. Those qualities don’t really mean much to a culture where right and wrong and truth have morphed into what feels right for me and what my truth is.

But I know in my own life that there have been times when I deserved to be cut off in relationships. I deserved to be dropped. But I saw grace and mercy instead. That’s why I love those things and want to show them as much as possible.

You can’t really have grace and mercy without truth. Otherwise, you just end up with enabling and enduring. But in Jesus, we get 100% grace and truth. We get kindness that leads to repentance and discipline that leads to joy. We find mercy in times of trouble when we’re able and willing to admit that we’re in trouble.

May we always have softened and merciful hearts.

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