Those Ol’ Pesky Expectations

“Life lesson I learned today: It is so freeing to release your expectations of what others should be and what they should do for you and let them be free to be who God made them to be. It’s freeing to give grace to others and see them in the best possible light and always believe the best about them. It’s what God did for me, so why shouldn’t I do that for someone else?” (Me)

The only reason I’m putting what I wrote above in quotes is that it’s from 2012 while the rest is from today. I just wanted to clarify in case you think I go around quoting myself.

I’m relearning this lesson. It’s better not to have expectations of people and just let your expectation be that God will move in their lives just as He has moved in yours. I’m learning to operate out of hesed, giving without expecting anything in return and leaving the rest to God. After all, I’ve been the recipient of this kind of grace time and time again, mostly when I needed it most but deserved it least.

I expect that God will continue to transform me. I expect that God will transform you. I believe with all my heart that God will continue to work all things together for good for you and for me. And I believe that’s a very good thing.

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