A Blog Post About Nothing

For those of you who remember the sitcom Seinfeld, you know that the premise of the show was that it was about nothing. If not, prepare to be disappointed. This is a post about nothing in particular. It’s just some random thoughts that come into my head.

What makes Chick-fil-A chicken so tasty? Honestly. I had a Southwest Chicken Salad and it was just as good as every other time I’ve had it — and believe me, I’ve had it lots and lots of times. Like probably as many as Tennessee has had drastic weather changes in the last two months. A lot.

I love the fact that I can go sit down at a table and whip out my app and complete an order without having to go stand in line. I can even pay for it without having to pull out my wallet. Technology can be amazing and it can be scary, but this is one of those times when it’s amazing.

And speaking of amazing, how cool is it that my Jeep is about five or so weeks away from becoming an antique. I figure that it was manufactured in April of 1997, so if I can manage to keep the wheels from falling off until then, I will be the proud owner of an old car. I guess that makes me old, because I remember when the car was new.

I love how my cat Peanut can just decide that she’s sleepy and immediately go to sleep. I like to think that my powers of napping are above average, but I pale in comparison to my little tortie. She can nap virtually any place at any time. It’s almost unfair that she gets to spend all day going from nap to nap while I’m commuting to and from my job and not getting to take any naps.

But the good news is that tomorrow is Thursday, also known as Friday Eve. The next day is Friday. Let the festivities begin.

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