I Believe in God

I think C. S. Lewis said that. Even if he didn’t, it’s still true. I can believe that the sun is still out there even on one of those grey dreary days where it rains off and on the whole 24 hours. I can believe in love even when I don’t feel it. And yes, I can believe in God even when He chooses to be silent, or better still, when He answers a prayer of mine with a no or a not yet.

I’ve learned that God’s silences usually mean that I’m not ready to hear what He has to say. It means I’m not mature enough to handle the message. The silence is a way of saying, “Just keep trusting. The wait will be worth it when you finally hear Me speak to you.”

I’ve also come to understand that some of God’s greatest blessings have been when He said no to some of my prayer requests, because He knew that if I got what I wanted, it would destroy me. He knew better than I where my request would lead me. Also, He often denied me a good thing in order to give me something better.

Sometimes, God’s silence is a way of saying, “How can I give you an answer when I Myself am the answer? How can I give you anything apart from Me that would fulfill your deepest longing?”

Trust even the silences of God as you trust the heart of God.

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