My Kind of Language

I’m thankful that Jesus was God spelling Himself out in a language I could understand. I’m grateful that He didn’t wait until I could understand things like premillennialism and supralapsarianism and transubstantiation before He made Himself known to me (which I probably still couldn’t tell you what any of those mean). He didn’t ask me to get my life together perfectly before I could approach Him.

As the saying goes, all other religions are about us getting to God, while Christianity is about God coming down to us. He came not when we were most deserving but when we were least deserving and most in need of a Savior. He came at just the right moment.

As I’ve read recently, God is not just “up there” out in the Heavens and beyond our reach. The question isn’t “Are You up there?” He’s down here with us in the daily grind. He’s Emmanuel, God with us.

Jesus is God speaking a language I can understand. Jesus as fully God and fully man is able to fully identify with me in all my weaknesses in His humanity and yet is able to do something about them in His divinity. He intercedes for me like no one else can because He’s been where I am and yet He didn’t ever sin when I sin more often than not. He is the only one who could ever save me.

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