Gratitude on the Last Day of January

Sometimes, you need to thank God for a provision He has yet to give. I mean that before the prayer gets answered, you thank God in advance for that answer. Thanksgiving isn’t just celebrating when you get what you wanted, but declaring that God is good no matter what. You can choose to be grateful whether the healing comes or not, whether deliverance comes or not. Your circumstances may not allow you to be happy, but joy is still an act of the will that you can grasp no matter how your circumstances play out.

Praise God if the good thing comes, but also remember that if it seems like a bad thing comes, God can work that bad thing into something good, sometimes sooner and sometimes later but always guaranteed. I think the saying goes that when a door closes and until another door opens, you can praise God in the hallway — in the midst of your waiting and uncertainty. Your gratitude might not change your world right then, but it can and will change you and how you see your world in that moment. Then you can thank God whose promises are as good as done.

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