Music, Take Me Away

I’m still not a vinyl purist, but I’m understanding the love of what we used to call records a little more. There’s just something magical about putting a record on the turntable and carefully placing the needle on the right groove. It’s an experience that you don’t get by turning on Spotify. I think my new favorite pastime will be laying in bed listening to records.

All i have to do is put on some good vinyl, drop the needle, and let all my cares go. I can get lost in the music and not think about anything else. If I can ever figure out how to connect my wireless headphones, I’ll be in heaven.

It’s nice to know that once in a rare blue moon, something old becomes something new. Something from back in the day comes back for a bit and is cool again. Even if the price of vinyl is ridiculous, it does my heart good to see stores carrying records again. I hear even cassette tapes are making a comeback of sorts. I’m not holding my breath for 8-tracks.

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