The Way Way Too Early Christmas Post

Just so you know, there are 337 days until Christmas. Not that anyone’s counting. Except me.

I realize that we’re not even out of January yet, and here I am already talking about the next Christmas. I mean, we still have all the holidays starting with Easter to get through before we can even think of talking about Christmas, right?

I just love me some Christmas. I even love that I still drive by houses that have their decorations still up. You might call it laziness, but it makes my weird little heart happy that they don’t bow to conventional pressure to put up their festive holiday decor just because we’re almost a month past December 25. You stay strong, my friends.

I love that I can still go to DirecTV channel 858 to hear those holiday classics if I want to. And I am not ashamed.

By the way, I’m waiting on my Amazon delivery of that one last Hallmark Keepsake ornament that will go on my tree in about 300 days. God bless us, everyone!

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