The Next Step

“If we wait till we have clear enough vision to see the expected end before we stay our mind upon Him who is our Strength, we shall miss an opportunity that will never come again: we shall never know the blessing of the unoffended. Now is the time to say, ‘My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed. I will sing and give praise,’ even though as we say the words there is no sense of exultation” (Amy Carmichael).

I think sometimes the life of faith would be easier if I caught a glimpse of God’s five-year plan for me. I think I could believe more fervently if I knew how the next 12 months were going to play out. But no, just as God provided manna just for that day and not the next, so He calls me to trust Him in this 24 hour cycle. He calls me to follow and believe today while it is still called today.

I think Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. said that faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase. Sometimes, it is a step by step journey. If we could see the road from beginning to end, we wouldn’t need faith. We wouldn’t need God. Or at least we would convince ourselves that we had no need for God. Plus, if we saw everything we’d face at some point, we’d be instantly overwhelmed and quit.

You don’t need to see the whole path as long as you can see the hand of the One who is leading you. You don’t need to know the entire itinerary of your life as long as you’re tuned in to the voice of the One calling you forward. All you need is to trust and follow.

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