Another Snow Day

Back when I was a kid, I lived for snow days. I’d get so excited when there was even the remotest possibility of snow on a school day. We didn’t get a text the night before. We had to watch the news channel and read the list of school closings to see if our school was on the list. It was almost like watching the NFL draft, except for seeing who got to stay home the next day.

I still love a good snow day. I realize now that I’ll have to catch up later for missing work, but all that snow is still so pretty. Plus, there’s nothing I can really do about it at this point. I can’t very well ask God to take back all the snow, can I? So my response is to relax and enjoy it and not worry about tomorrow’s problems while it’s today. I seem to recall a Bible verse or two about that.

Also, actual snow is rare in this part of the country. I mean, we get flurries from time to time, but actual snow that sticks to the ground and accumulates? That’s rare. I should probably take pictures to document this historical event or something.

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