Waiting in 2022

“To wait upon God is not to sit with folded hands and do nothing, but to wait as men who wait for the harvest. The farmer does not wait idly but with intense activity; he keeps industriously ‘at it’ until the harvest. To wait upon God is the perfection of activity. We are told to ‘rest in the Lord,’ not to rust.” (Oswald Chambers, The Place of Help).

Waiting on God is not a passive sport. It’s like the farmer cultivating his field, preparing it to receive the rains that will come. It’s you and I cultivating our lives, preparing our hearts, and removing anything in our lives that might hinder our usefulness to God. It’s being obedient to what God has already revealed to you. It’s being faithful in small things, wisely stewarding the talents God has given you, so that God will be able to trust you with bigger things.

Ultimately, waiting the right way means that you trust the Giver more than the gifts. You trust that God is good whether you receive what you’ve prayed for and longed for or not. In God’s economy, if God withholds your desire from you, it is only to give you something better — something that you would have asked for in the first place if you knew then what God knows.

May we learn to wait well in 2022.

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