Happy Boxing Day!

Yes, it’s a thing. Apparently, in many countries, today is when people give of their surplus to those who are less fortunate, putting it in boxes (hence, the name). Imagine my surprise when I found out it had nothing at all to do with Evander Holyfield or Muhammad Ali or any other of the boxing greats. In fact, there is little to no actual boxing on Boxing Day.

Honestly, I get confused quite a bit during the time between Christmas and New Year’s Day. I’m never quite sure what the day or date is. And yes, there is often a lot of cheese consumption during that week or so. It doesn’t help that I’ll be going back to work after a week of stay-cation, so I’ll also be mixed up on my sleeping patterns for a bit.

But my theme and my mantra continues to be thankfulness and gratitude. I give thanks on days when I feel like it and on days when I feel like anything but thankful. Gratitude should be a habit in the life of God’s people because it keeps us honest about God’s goodness to us and our dependence on Him. It reminds us that we really have been given so much that we routinely take for granted when we choose to see what we lack instead of what we have.

So this coming week, I will be full of gratitude. And cheese.

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