Those Hallmark Christmas Movies

You know the joke, right? What has 15 actors, 4 settings, 2 writers, and 1 plot? That’s right, it’s 634 Hallmark movies. I think in all of them there’s usually a big-city girl who moves back to her small town home and falls in love with the local guy who always wears sweaters. Oh, and her name is Holly or Ivy or something Christmasy.

Am I knocking Hallmark Christmas movies? Absolutely not. I may not watch them, but there’s an audience out there that wants to see something warm and light with a predictably happy ending. After all, there’s too much sadness in the real world. Sometimes, you just need an escape into a place where you know everyone will live happily ever after.

So you do you. You watch all 634 Hallmark Christmas movies, if that’s what makes your little heart happy.

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