What We Have . . . Is Failure to Communicate

Before I get started, I need to clarify. White Christmas is my favorite Christmas movie. Period. I’m not hating on the movie. I have watched it literally every year since probably 2002 or so. Also, there will be spoilers, so if you haven’t yet seen White Christmas, you might want to skip this. Also, you might want to go promptly and watch it at the first opportunity you get.

That said, the movie would have been a lot shorter if there had been even the teensiest amount of communication. If any of the characters at any time had sad, “Hey. Tell me about that phone call.”Or “I can see that you’re upset. Why don’t you tell me what’s bothering you?”

There are a lot of assumptions made, but no one, especially Betty, bothers to voice their actual concerns. They just go about in silent anger and let the misunderstanding continue. Of course, everything works out at the end. Betty and Bob, as well as Judy and Phil, find true love and presumably live happily ever after, once they’ve had extensive marriage counseling and actually learn how to share their feelings and use their words.

For me, the plot is really not the point. I admit that it’s flimsy at best. The real point is the technicolor cinematography and the warm fuzzy Christmas feelings that wash over me every time I see White Christmas. I want to move into that inn in Vermont, especially the big room with the open fireplace. I don’t even care that the housekeeper is listening in on other people’s private phone conversations and hanging up before she gets the whole story.

Will I watch White Christmas again next year? Absolutely. Will I get slightly annoyed again? Most likely. Will I still get all the radiant magical feels from the ending? Without a doubt.

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