A Thanksgiving Peanut Update

So I suppose it’s time for another Peanut update. As you can tell, she’s living her best life these days. By her best life, I mean she basically takes naps and has snacks all day. That should probably be my goal for my best life.

She also managed to stay out of the way of any hard work involving putting up the annual Christmas decorations. If there’s anything that even hints of work and effort, she goes and hides until the feeling passes. Or until the work is done.

As you can tell, all the napping and snacking have helped her to maintain her girlish (or should I say kittenish?) figure. She gets plenty of belly rubs and head skritches, so I’d say she’s doing rather well for herself. Now I just have to figure out what kind of tuna to buy her for Christmas. Decisions, decisions.

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