My All in All

I think the old adage is true — you never know Jesus is all you need until He’s all you have. I also think that most of us in America have Jesus plus a lot of other stuff. Jesus has become for many one option among many instead of being supreme in our lives.

I heard a sermon today where the pastor said that any circumstance, good or bad, can be God’s way of pointing us back to our deep need for Jesus. When God takes away what we hold dear, we then can find out that He is the one who truly does supply all our needs through His abundant riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

When we understand that everything we think is ours is really because of God, we can learn better to hold on to things with open hands. We can rejoice whether in plenty or in want because we know that God is our ultimate provision. We can be radically generous because we know that we have received the extravagant grace and mercy of God.

The way I see it, anything that drives me deeper into the presence of God is ultimately good. Anything that opens my eyes to my dependence on Jesus for every breath is a blessing. A famous writer once called his wife’s cancer a severe mercy because through it He saw the faithfulness of God at work in her and in him.

The simple truth is that if I have God and all the world, I have no more than if I had God and God alone. God is and will always be sufficient. God is enough.

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