The Church Is a Hospital

Jesus said that He didn’t come for the healthy and the righteous, but for the sinners and the sick. In today’s terms, the church isn’t supposed to be a kind of exclusive country club for the holier than thou set, but a hospital for broken sinners, including the ones whom Jesus has redeemed.

If any church loses its purpose of sharing the whole gospel with the whole person, it should probably close its doors for good. If any body of believers fails to seek out the same ones Jesus came to seek and to save, it should cease to exist.

Jesus also said that churches that have lost their first love need to repent and return to their biblical roots before they lose their anointing. Churches that have made politics, whether left or right, conservative or liberal, their main focus need to get on their knees and repent.

My prayer is that the American church can become like the early church found in the book of Acts. Anything less is not worthy of being called the body of Christ.

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