Wait on the Lord

The waiting is the hardest part, says the old Tom Petty song. How true that is. I mean, it’s easy to wait passively with folded hands and no effort. It’s another thing to wait by trusting God and being obedient with the next step He’s given you. It’s one thing to do nothing and another to keep putting one foot in front of the other when every part of you is wanting to quit.

I think waiting means that instead of wanting a way out of your circumstances, you instead ask, “What are You trying to teach me here? How can this change me for the better instead of me changing my address?”

God is faithful. Waiting is a way of reinforcing your trust and reminding yourself of all the previous times when God has shown up for you.

Wait on the Lord. Take heart. Let a few others into your struggles. Don’t fight alone. Pray for the courage to wait well and not give up.

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