A Long, Long Week

I’m thankful the week is over. It wasn’t bad. It was just long. And I mean looooooooooooooong. It felt like it lasted 31 days. And that’s not even counting Monday.

Not every day is going to be your best ever. That’s okay. Some days if the best you can say is that you survived and didn’t murder anyone, that’s a win. Some days if you can get your pants on successfully, that’s a good day.

I prefer sunshine, but if every single day was sunny with no rain, then the grass and trees and flowers would all wither and die. Nothing would grow. There are places with all sunshine and no rain. We call those places deserts.

You need rainy days, as dismal and depressing as they can be sometimes. Rain makes things grow and thrive. You need days and weeks that are less than stellar. You learn life lessons and above all, you learn to appreciate the good days and the good weeks more.

Again, it was not a bad day or a bad week. Just meh. I think a good night’s sleep and a good long weekend will help set things right again.

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