Is It Friday Yet?

I swear, these days it seems like a week lasts about two days. I feel like last Thursday was yesterday and here we are about to embark on another Friday. Not that I’m complaining. It’s just hard to keep up sometimes.

I’m ready for my customary sleep-in Saturday. I’m ready to turn off the alarm clock and not have to wake up at the undignified and ungodly hour of 5 am. I’m ready to sit on the couch and drink my coffee and just be.

Also, a week from today is July 1. Next thing you know it will be July 4. Then August. Then fall will be here. Then it will be time to decorate the tree and sing Christmas carols. Falalala-what? I haven’t even bought any presents yet. I’m not ready for any of this.

So I think I’ll just enjoy my Friday, drink my coffee-flavored sugar milk, and not worry about anything but being in the moment.

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