Joy and Sorrow

So much of life is joy mingled with sorrow. There is no escaping it. The world we live in is a beautiful but broken creation, having lost much of its original design but still bearing faint traces of glory.

I think about this day four years ago when I lost my little cat Lucy. I don’t pretend to compare my loss with those who have lost parents or spouses or children. Still, it is a loss. June 21, 2017 still remains one of the saddest days in my memory.

Then nine days later, I went to the Williamson County Animal Shelter and got chosen by a feisty little tortie kitten who later became Peanut. The memory of that day brings me joy.

I have to remind myself that pure joy can’t be found in this life. Only at the consummation of all things at Jesus’ return will my joy be complete. Every happy memory is tainted with a touch of sadness.

It’s the now and not yet of the Kingdom of God. It’s like seeing a dirty reflection in a mirror, knowing one day we shall see Him face to face with undimmed eyes.

So we wait and hope with joy and certainty as we say, “Come, Lord Jesus!”

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