You Never Know

It occurred to me today that five years ago, I took my first cat Lucy to the vet and got a good report back. All her bloodwork and other tests came back fine. A year later, I took her to the same vet, and she turned out to be very sick, only days away from crossing the rainbow bridge.

It’s difficult to remember everything from that long ago, but I’m certain I would never have guessed five years ago what would transpire in a year. It never dawned on me at that point that I could lose my beloved feline. I probably took for granted that she would be with me for a long while.

I know friends who have lost loved ones very suddenly. I can’t claim to be a mind reader, but I know planning for a funeral was not in their agenda. Grieving the passing of a loved one wasn’t on their radar.

The older I get, the more I realize that it’s important — no, it’s vital — that you learn to cherish all the days you’re given. Cherish all the people in your life. Cherish each and every moment you can. You almost never know when a moment or a conversation or a gathering will be the last one.

More than ever, it’s important to hold on to everything in your life with open hands, ready to let go when it’s time. The only time when you need to grasp tightly is when you’re holding on to Jesus. He’s your constant in a world of change.

The beautiful part is that even when you can’t hold on to Jesus, when you’re too tired and weak, that’s when you find that Jesus has been the one holding on to you all this time. He’s the one who will not let go and won’t grow weary.

You never know when the hard dark days will come, but you can know for sure that Jesus will be there.

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