Treasure the Time

I’ve had a few footprints left in my heart over the years. Some have passed away, and some have simply moved on to a different phase of their lives. Either way, I’m changed for the better because of them.

I think about my Grandmother Ruby, my other Grandmother Iris, my Uncle Bob, my Uncle Monty, and so many other family and friends that I have known. The size of their impact might vary, but they left noticeable footprints just the same.

Who in your life has left footprints in your heart and changed you for the better? You can grieve the loss, but you can also thank God for the time you had with them. You can thank God that He appointed the time when you and the other should meet. If the circumstances had been a little altered, you might have missed and never met.

Above all, remember that you are not the same as you were before. Every person God brings into your life brings you closer to rediscovering and recovering the imago dei that lies within you.

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