Those Fitted Sheets

You have never known frustration until you have tried to fold a fitted sheet. I’m convinced that it’s an impossible task for 98% of the world’s population. They just aren’t designed to be folded neatly.

Usually, I start off with the best of intentions only to end up angrily wadding up the folded sheet into a ball and stuffing it into a closet somewhere. If there were five steps to perfectly folded fitted sheets, I’d probably make it through the first four and fall apart during the home stretch.

I get the purpose of folded sheets, but I feel there is a design flaw. I’m not sure if it’s actually in the fitted sheets or in the people who are attempting to fold the fitted sheets. Either way, there will be cussing and tears and eventual resignation before it’s all said and done.

If you are among the 2%, consider yourself blessed. And yes, I will hire you to come fold my fitted sheets. You can even pet my cat Peanut. Probably after removing her from the fitted sheets a number of times.

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