When You Finally Figure It Out

I’ve both been there and done that. I’ve been at a job where a co-worker tried to explain a process to me, and it would never sink in. I’d go back and ask questions again and again and feel like a dummy. Finally, when I started trying to do it on my own, I’d start to get it. Finally, something would click and I’d have it down pat.

Sometimes, we just miss the obvious because we’re trying too hard and making things too complicated. I think when it comes to faith, you could boil it down to loving God and loving others. That’s how Jesus summed up the Law and the Prophets — Love God with all your being and love your neighbor as you love yourself.

You can’t really love God unless you understand how much He has loved you first. You can’t really love others as much as you love yourself until you really do love yourself, and that comes from knowing and embracing God’s love for you. It’s really sort of reflecting God’s love back to Him and to others, like the moon doesn’t generate light on its own but reflects the light of the sun.

So step one is to let God love you. To soak in it as you soak in the rays of the sun. Step two is to let that love permeate every fiber of your being. Then you turn around and reflect it back to God and to others. Step three is to repeat steps one and two ad nauseum until either you master it (which is highly unlikely) or until Jesus returns and you are finally perfected in love.

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