Just Random Stuff

Tomorrow is Thursday, also known as Friday Eve. It’s one of my favorite days. I get to meet with my friend and go hiking at Radnor Lake State Park. Hopefully, it won’t be rainy or super humid, but I’ll be bringing along a pair of shorts to change into just in case.

I also have 3 more days until I get my second dose of COVID vaccine. Again, I’m not telling you what to do one way or the other. I’m doing what’s best for me based on what I know and understand. Plus, I’m all for not having to wear a mask anymore.

I also plan to sleep late and hang out with my cat Peanut. She’s the most chill feline that I’ve ever known, and just being around her instantly puts me in a good mood and calms me.

I also intend on getting a haircut. Actually, I plan on getting ALL my hairs cut [insert rim shot]. It’s that time. I understand that the white boy fro look is not in this season. Also, I don’t want all the extra hair to cause me to sweat more than I already do.

Thankfully, it will be an extended weekend. I hope that I remember that Monday is not National Grill Out Day. It’s all about honoring those in the military who have made the greatest sacrifice for our freedoms. May we never forget that freedom is never free. There’s always a cost.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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