Counting Down the Days

Just yes. I’m ready for the regular Baptist communion elements. I’m ready to go forward with other people and receive the elements and hear the words “The Body of Christ broken for you” and “The Blood of Christ shed for you.”

Believe it or not, I’m actually counting down the days until I get my second vaccine dose this coming Saturday. For those of you who are as bad at math as I am, that makes 6 more days.

I’m ready.

I’m all for life returning to a sense of normalcy. I’m ready to be done with wearing a mask and having to stay 6 feet away from everybody else. This isn’t me discounting the reality of the pandemic; this is me wanting it to finally end and go away.

As I’ve been told, there may or may not be a few side effects. I say bring them on if that means me helping out with the whole return to normal. I can live with not feeling good for a day or two.

I won’t tell you that you have to get the vaccine. That’s between you and God. You have to do your research and make an informed decision not based on hearsay or undocumented internet ramblings but on facts and science.

But six days from now, I’m getting mine. That’s all.

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