Pros and Cons of May 10

I decided to list out a few pros and cons from this Monday, May 10 in the year of our Lord 2021:

Pro: I woke up.

Con: It was Monday.

Pro: At least it wasn’t raining today.

Con: It felt colder and windier than a mid-May day is supposed to feel.

Pro: It felt like a sneak preview of October — almost like a Maytober kind of day.

Con: I never felt like I was able to fully wake up all day.

Pro: There was coffee, so at least I could keep my eyes open and do adulty stuff (or at least fake doing adulty stuff really well).

Con: There are four more days until the next weekend.

Pro: Tomorrow is looking like a good day, and the rest might just surprise me with some unexpected goodness. And there’s more coffee.

Con: Potentially there’s a con to everything, depending on how you look at it, whether from a human-sized perspective or from a God-sized one.

Pro: God is bigger than anything I will face for the rest of the week . . . and beyond.

The End

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