11 Years Ago

Sometimes it seems hard to believe that on this day 11 years ago, Nashville was in the midst of its heaviest 2-day rainfall ever. I remember that it poured rain non-stop for 2 straight days. It rained so much that Nashville ended up in a 1000-year flood.

I remember seeing news videos of roads and blocks and even interstates flooded. I distinctly remember seeing one of those portable schoolhouse buildings floating down the interstate in all the floodwater.

I was stuck at home for a bit because I couldn’t get out of my neighborhood. That was one of the craziest weeks I can recall ever having lived through. I hope I never live to see anything like it again.

But I also remember how Nashville came together and helped those in need. We put aside out differences and were able to clear out flood-damaged debris from homes and help people in the process of rebuilding and starting over.

It’s sad that it takes a disaster or a catastrophe to bring people together like that. Even in the Church, it often takes a crisis to pull us together in the kind of unity that Jesus said we should have all the time.

But it’s a beautiful thing when people do decide to work together in harmony. I think that’s because it’s a glimpse of what heaven will be like all the time.

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